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Free shipping on order above $85!



Do you just do dogs?
Although I am well versed in dog portrait, I can draw any animal as long as I receive a great photo!

Can I have more than one pet on one product?
Yes indeed! I know that some pets are inseparable, of course I can draw them together on one product. For multiple pet portrait order, please email me for pricing details.

Do you do humans?
Yes! I do family portrait too. Check out my stylize pop art portraiture here.

Can I have the pet’s full body or just the face?
Yes, I can draw the full body. Although this isn’t our ‘standard’ offering so you won’t see this option on the product page. All the products offering are for pet’s head and shoulder portion only. If you want a full body print, please email me for pricing details.

Is my photo good enough to use?
I have a page on the website that provides a step-by-step photo guide. Please ensure you follow the guide when taking a photo or choosing a photo to send in. Low quality photos or those taken in bad lighting can lead to inaccurate pet art.

Please ensure that your pet's fur color, eye color and any other details are clear and visible in the photo you provide.

Don't worry, I'll still conduct a photo screening for every new order I receive and will email you if I need a different photo.

Can I only purchase the add-ons items?
Sorry, as every item in our shop is truly custom, you'll first require the commission of a custom pet portrait. From there, you'll be able to order additional items from the add-ons collection.

How do I produce the design?
I paint from scratch. All pet illustrations are digitally hand-painted by me. I take pride in ensuring the highest quality in each art piece. I work with multiple print partners who specialise in specific products, this is to ensure a high quality print. All the products are printed in US, Europe as well as locally.

Can I change my order?
If you need to change your order, please get in touch with me within 24 hours. If you placed your order more than 24 hours ago, I can't guarantee that I can change it.

Can you add/remove things for me?
Yes, however there will be an extra charge for additional details in the drawing such as dog accessories, costume, complex props, background location etc. please email me for pricing details.

Will I see the pet portrait before it is printed?
Yes, I will send you a proof prior to printing. Unlike other mainstream pet portrait services who handle a large volume of orders per day and outsource to various artists to work on the portrait, all pet portrait artworks are digitally hand-drawn by me, ensuring the highest quality in each commissioned orders on the queue.

Do you allow artwork revision?
I am able to make small revisions to the portrait once completed. I gladly offer (1) complimentary round of revisions. Additional revisions will incur an additional charge.

How to I make Payment?
We accept Paypal & most major credit cards via Paypal (no signup required). For Singapore customers, you can choose via PayNow. Just select PayNow as your payment method upon cart checkout.