Free shipping on order above $85!
Free shipping on order above $85!

Photo Guide


Tip 1 - Close up, Clear and Good Lighting photo
Take the photo outside in daylight, or in a well lit room. Get up close and personal with your pet, so that I can see your pet's unique features.

Tip 2 - Sitting or Standing Position
Having your pet in this position will make for a more natural portrait crop.
Take photo from your pet's eye level. Try to avoid taking photos from overhead or when your pet is laid down.

Tip 3 - One Pet Per Photo
Take a photo of your pet without any other animals in the shot. If you have a pair of inseparable pets that you want on one single product, I can still do that, don't worry!

For multiple pet portrait order, please email me for pricing details.


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STEP 3: Send a photo

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